Now you can choose the sex of your next baby!

Would you use a gender selection method if it had a near 100% success rate? The Silverman Method, which incorporates my exclusive GSMART Method of sperm separation with IVF/PGD ensures superior results.

For 30 years, my exclusive gender selection methods have helped hundreds of parents worldwide choose the sex of their baby.

Whether you want to conceive a boy or a girl, my methods will help you achieve your goal.

Call now; (212) 327-1809 or use the form on the right to schedule your appointment.

Sincerely, Dr. Andrew Y. Silverman

Girl? Girl? Girl?
Boy? Boy? Boy?
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patient testimonials

I am honored to share with you what my patients have written about their experiences with The Silverman Center for Gender Selection.


You really understood what we were going through and genuinely wanted to help. You did not let us down and even cared enough to recommend places to stay and things to do in New York during our stay. I don’t think many doctors would take the time

Dear Dr. S, You are remarkable, because you do remarkable work, and you have a remarkable heart! Thank you for Noah and all that you have given us, and for all that may be yet to come...

We could never thank you enough for what you’ve given us. We pray that others facing a similar predicament can avail themselves of your extraordinary expertise and compassion . . .

We also really appreciated that we dealt only with him and my wife was never seen by any other doctor, while under his care. That would be unheard of in our country

we called half a dozen specialists. Only Dr. Silverman actually answered the phone, himself, agreed to meet for a consultation and provided such personalized care that I honestly don’t remember speaking to anyone else in his office during my treatment...

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