The Use Of Teas in IVF For Gender Selection
ivf for gender selection


A recently published article in the prestigious medical journal, Fertility and Sterility in 2011 (“Increase of success rate for women undergoing embryo transfer by transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation: a pospective randomized placebo-controlled study”)  provided evidence that use of TENS (transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation) significantly  increased the pregnancy rate associated with embryo transfer.

Acupuncture treatment has a long history in China, and there have been several studies in the medical literature that acupuncture improved the pregnancy rate in patients undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART).  Acupuncture-like stimulation using acupressure was chosen for this study because it’s less invasive than acupuncture, and it’s easily applied by without special training.   In the study of 309 patients discussed above, (less than 45 years of age) TENS increased the pregnancy rate from 29.3% to 42.7% to 50.0%.  The increased success rate was seen when two treatments  were carried out.

I consulted with Dr. Jun Xu of Riverside, CT, a well known acupuncturist,  who suggested two acupoints that he felt would nourish the uterus, and aid in implantation.  Based upon his recommendation we recently began to offer TENS treatment to our IVF gender selection patients.  Simultaneous stimulation of the two acupoints both before and after embryo transfer resulted in an early twin pregnancy.  This successful procedure was neither harmful nor dangerous to the woman or her embryos.  Because of this, we will offer TENS to all patients to increase their pregnancy rate in an IVF cycle.

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Andrew Y. Silverman, M.D., Ph.D.

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