Baby gender selection

Gender Selection Ethics

Many people worry about ethical issues surrounding gender selection, but there is no shame in family planning, and with today’s technology, that includes sex selection. The main concern about gender selection is that is will adversely affect the gender ratio within the population. However, this concern is just speculation. Reports say that only a little over half of people who participate in sex selection request to conceive a boy. Additionally, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine concluded that ‘is is proper and ethical to help couples choose the sex of their baby’.

While the negative issues surrounding gender selection are mostly conjecture, the benefits of helping couples choose the sex of their baby are immeasurable. Generally speaking, gender selection increases parental happiness. One of the main, driving forces behind gender selection is family balance. Allowing people to choose whether to conceive a girl, or conceive a boy, takes the guesswork out of conception. Parents may feel better suited to raising a certain gender, or want to control the order in which they have their children. Having a baby can be stressful, so when you allow parents to choose, it makes it a little easier. Many parents who engage in gender selection report immense satisfaction being able to take control of their reproductive process. And when parents are happy, baby is happy.

Gender selection is also economically responsible in the long run. Imagine that you have a baby already, a girl for example, and you’re ready to have another. You and your partner want to conceive a girl, because you already have all of the supplies you need. And this way you’re prepared! No more gender-neutral baby showers and waiting to buy baby products until after the baby is born. You can start planning the minute you conceive. Or say you have two girls, and you and your partner really want to conceive a boy. If you leave it up to chance, you might conceive a girl again, but with gender selection, you can choose when your family planning starts and ends, and also allows you to control the size of your family. Gender selection gives you an almost 100% chance to create the family dynamic you have always wanted. Also, from a genetic standpoint, gender selection is highly ethical. If there is a history of disease in your family that strongly favors one gender, you don’t want to risk passing that on to your children. Gender selection allows you to bear a child without the possibility of a lifetime of health issues. Gender selection improves your child’s quality of life, and lets you rest easy.

If gender selection sounds like the right choice for you and your partner, Dr. Andrew Silverman has been a champion of couples’ right to choose since 1986. The Silverman Center for Gender Selection focuses solely on gender selection and will give you an exceptional patient-doctor experience. At the Silverman Center, Dr. Silverman has been helping people conceive the gender of their choice for over 28 years with his exclusive Silverman Method. This is a combination of Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation (TEAS) and the GSMART method of sperm-separation. This non-invasive procedure has a near 100% success rate, and Dr. Silverman is the only specialist to successfully incorporate TEAS into his gender selection methods.