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Gender Selection Expert, Dr. Andrew Y. Silverman, Releases Newly Redesigned Website

Scarsdale, NY, July 04, 2010 –(– Fertility issues are among the most challenging that many couples may face in their lifetime. Dr. Andrew Y. Silverman is one of only 60 gender selection fertility experts worldwide. His newly redesigned website presents a welcoming, compassionate and clear introduction to the delicate issues surrounding the latest techniques in in vitro fertilization (IVF) and the Ericsson method of gender selection, in which Dr. Silverman specializes.

Dr. Silverman’s new website is designed to provide easy access to any topic associated with his work, so you can go straight to the ones that interest you the most. The home page is arranged so that the visitor has immediate access to Dr. Silverman’s bio, a clear overview of various methods of gender selection, and success rates. The pull down menus at the top of the home page allow the reader to hone in on many more specific topics. Clicking on the “Blog” tab provides access to testimonials from some of the couples who have enlisted Dr. Silverman’s help in conceiving healthy, happy babies. The video clips posted on this page provide a personal touch that is compassionate, balanced and realistic. You can even follow Dr. Silverman on Twitter for the latest updates on his work and related news! Most importantly, though, the site is designed to encourage those who are interested in gender selection to contact Dr. Silverman directly, to discuss any questions or concerns.