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Girls — Not Boys — Are In High-Demand!

One of the concerns that we often hear about gender selection is that parents are going to opt for boys, offsetting the gender ratio in the world and leading to further discrimination and disadvantages for women. Yet interestingly enough, in my practice, I have found that more couples ask to have girls rather than boys.

And not only have I noticed this trend anecdotally, but it has been seconded by other doctors as well, with some for example reporting that as many as eight in ten British couples are choosing to have a girl.

Mothers often dream of dressing up their baby girls in pink and buying them all sorts of dolls, and when they have boy after boy, they feel like they’re missing out.

Take a look at the TV show “8 Boys and Wanting a Girl.” For 21 years, Wendy Bowen dreamed of having a baby girl. Eight boys later, at the age of 43 Bowen is still struggling with a lack of daughters. And then there’s 40-year-old Nicola Trathen who decided that after having four boys she was going to take matters into her own hands and go through PGD.

Other mothers in the show stick with natural methods like herbal extracts and dietary supplements, which I can not recommend, but they all share one thing in common — they just want a baby girl.

These preferences surely differ around the world, but in the Western World especially, and certainly, in my practice, I am pleased to note that girls seem to be in vogue. And whether they choose my GSMART or The Silverman Method of gender selection, these parents can now finally hold that baby girl in their arms.