Gsmart method of gender selection

Gsmart Method

I am asked by patients what distinguishes the Gsmart method of gender selection, and why is it special?  I have been offering sperm separation with IUI (intrauterine insemination) for gender selection for over 20 years, and the success rate of having a child of the chosen gender is between 70 to 99% depending upon the method use.  I believe that the modifications that I made to standard gender selection not only guarantees the desired sex of the baby, but also improves the overall results for becoming pregnant.

When Dr. Ron Ericsson published the data of gender selection from numerous medical groups (including my own publication in Human Reproduction in 2002), he never discussed the issue of timing the insemination.  Firstly, the Gsmart method predicts ovulation in advance of the event to choose the optimal time to perform the insemination thus increasing the pregnancy rate.  An insemination performed too long in advance of ovulation, or too long after ovulation will not result in a pregnancy!  Secondly by taking advantage of the increase in pregnancy rate using TEAS in IVF cases I have incorporated using TEAS in all gender cases.  I hypothesize that the documented increase in pregnancy rates in IVF will also occur in gender selection using sperm separation and IUI.

Andrew Y. Silverman, M.D., Ph.D.