Interview in Danish publication

Interview in Danish publication

Fertility doctor, Dr. Andrew Silverman, has offered gender selection to American couples for almost 30 years – usually by inseminating women with selected sperm cells with a particular sex chromosome.

“I would say that about twice as many of my patients want a daughter compared to a son,” he says. “Typically, it’s parents who have a lot of sons. By nature, 51 percent of all newborns are boys, and 49 percent are girls so if you want at least one child of each sex, most will seek help to get a daughter, ” Silverman adds.

However, he has noted a particular feature among many of the women who want a daughter. “Either they’ve had a good relationship with their mother, and they want to pass that on to a daughter, or they have had a poor relationship with their mother, and they want to make up for it in their own life. I have never heard a man say that he wants a strong father-son relationship. The men say that they would like a son to play ball with, “says Silverman, whose method costs $ 2,200 and has about 75 percent chance of success.

If you want to be 99 percent certain you are pregnant with a child of a specific gender, you can use a special in vitro method which costs $ 22,000. Very few are willing to spend that amount of money on a daughter, but Silverman has treated several couples from the Arab countries, India and China, who wants a male heir.

One of his patients was actually a Western European prince and his wife. He cannot remember the name of the country, but it was certainly not Denmark, he stresses.