Families with Gender Selection

More Couples Building Families with Gender Selection

More and more frequently, couples are seeking to select the sex of their next baby. They do so mainly for two reasons. First, couples who have children of the same gender want to experience the joy of raising a child of the opposite sex. Second, couples want to shield their future children from inheriting a genetic disease. Baby Gender Selection Methods The Silverman Center for Gender Selection offers two techniques to choose baby’s gender, the Ericsson Method and the IVF/PGD Method combined with the Ericsson Method of sperm separation. The Ericsson Method: More Cost Efficient With this technique sperm are sorted by gender, and the sperm of the sex that the couple desires are used for an intrauterine insemination. The major advantage of this method is that it is less expensive than the IVF/PGD Technique. Numerous scientific studies document that the Ericsson Method of Gender Selection is effective 70-75% of the time. The IVF/PGD Technique: Highest Success Rate Through a process called IVF/PGD, combined with the Ericsson method, Dr. Silverman enables eggs to be fertilized with the father’s selected sperm outside of the mother’s body. The embryos are tested for their gender and only the embryo of the desired sex is transferred back to the mother.