become pregnant at my age?

The commonest question that any fertility gynecologist has to answer is, can I still become pregnant at my age?  It is well known that peak fertility in the human female is around age 25, and it declines as she ages.

The critical question is, can she still become pregnant at her present age?  In my experience answering this question prior to having the patient enter into the treadmill of advanced reproductive technology including IVF, is extremely valuable.  She will know her chances prior to starting, and she will not waste both time and money when there is little likelihood of success.  In a woman who has delayed childbearing, for various reasons, there is a simple way to assess her fertility.  I strongly recommend performing an ovarian assessment consistent of her fertility potential by measuring anti-mullerian hormone, inhibin B, FSH, LH and estradiol on cycle day 2 or 3.  These tests will provide an algorhythm as to the number of eggs recovered in an IVF cycle compaired to women of her age.  Clearly, the more eggs recovered the greater than chances of conception, and having a child.