Select Your Baby’s Gender With the Help Of Modern Techniques
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Select Your Baby’s Gender with the Help of Modern Techniques

The childbirth is the happiest moments for any parents. Family planning is a challenging task. The entire family especially the parents have hopes on having a baby of specific gender. Although the theory says that the chances of having a baby boy or cute princess are 50/50, you might have come across families that have children of the same gender. This is where the importance of gender selection methods can be emphasized. With the revolution in science and technology in medical it has become possible to select your would-be baby gender. These new techniques have certainly eased the tension of many parents.

There are many innovative techniques that have evolved over the years that help get the best odds to achieve the desire gender. These techniques can also be used to prevent the transmission of genetic diseases. The method can also protect your child from sex-linked disease. There are many health centers that offer qualitative, safe and effective options to determine the gender. The two majorly used Gender Selection Methods are invitro fertilization and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, abbreviated as IVF/PGD and Ericsson.

The Ericsson method has helped many families with gender selection of their baby. It is successful technique that involves selecting of ‘X’ and ‘Y’ chromosomes to have the baby gender of your desire. IVF/PGD is the latest and one of the most preferred methods by many doctors. It is a method that involves modern technology in gender selection. Vitro fertilization is involved in this kind of treatment. Eggs from female ovary are removed and allowed to fertilize with male’s sperm outside the woman’s womb. After the cell division takes place, the embryo of the preferred gender is decided and transferred back into the female’s womb. It has been observed that this technique has the highest success rates than other methods.

One of the sole reasons for going with the vitro fertilization is that it is immune to sex linked and gender based diseases. Thus, opting for this method will ensure that your baby is free of any complications and is healthy. The most common genetic hereditary disorder that gets transmitted by normal pregnancy is hemophilia. Children suffering from it suffer abnormalities in blood clotting if experienced breaking of blood vessels. It is majorly caused to lack of fibrin formation. Male child are mostly found suffering from hemophilic. It occurs when ‘X’ chromosome contains an infected gene. Therefore, it’s essential that you save your child from suffering such disorders by opting for IVF/PGD birth method.

When it comes to opting to these innovative ways of gender selection choosing the right method is of great importance. In order to take a wise decision it is essential to gather proper information of these methods. Going through reviews on sites and asking for references can help you make a wise decision in selecting the appropriate method. There are many health centers that you can approach to learn more about the various methods, they can help you decide the right method for you. You can browse the net to find a reputed and trustworthy medical expert to guide you through happiness.