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How long should couples continue undergoing IVF to try to have a child? This is a question that a physician treating infertile couples is asked frequently today. The answer depends upon many factors including; the emotional stability of the couple, the support of friends and family and their...

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Girls — Not Boys — Are In High-Demand!

One of the concerns that we often hear about gender selection is that parents are going to opt for boys, offsetting the gender ratio in the world and leading to further discrimination and disadvantages for women. Yet interestingly enough, in my practice, I have found that more couples ask to...

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Secondary Infertility and failed IVF

Recently I have seen several couples who have a child, but have had difficulty in conceiving a second time.  Their first child was conceived easily, and they consulted with specialists after failing to conceive within 6 months of trying.  In both case, the fertility groups didn’t bother to...

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