Balancing Your Family is No Longer Just a Dream - Gender Selection
Baby gender selection

Balancing your family is no longer just a dream

One of the first questions a pregnant woman encounters from friends, family, and strangers tends to be, “Is it a boy or a girl?” Some may share, some may not even find out themselves, but those nine months are all counting down to that ultimate discovery of a newborn baby girl or a newborn baby boy.

And it comes along with the blue booties, or the pink bonnet, or the hair ribbons, or the cute little bowtie. But what happens when a couple has a baby boy, and another baby boy, and another baby boy. And all they really dream of is a sweet, little girl to dress in pink.

Or maybe they already have a daughter or two, and they’d really love a son to play catch with in the backyard.

In the past parents have had zero control over the gender balance in their family. It was the luck of the draw. If you happened to have three sons, that was that. You just had to live vicariously through your nieces or friends’ baby girls.

Now, thanks to a variety of techniques that I offer my patients, couples can gain some control in choosing the sex of their children, particularly, when they have had 2 or more of the same sex. They can ensure that they have the balanced family they’ve always dreamed of, be it one boy and one girl, or three girls and a boy, or any other combination. It is up to the parents. This is why Gender Selection is also often called Family Balancing, and the couple’s right to choose is often referred to as Gender Choice.

It humbles me to say that I was able to see a mom of three older boys in my office this week, who no longer has to look longingly at a friend dressing up her daughter. By using my innovative method, parents can avoid the “luck of the draw” of the past and can take part in creating their perfect family.