Gender Selection Testimonials | Genuine Patient Reviews


I’ve included some of the kind notes that I’ve received from my patients, in the hope that The Silverman Method or using GSMART alone for gender selection, will inspire you to try for that little boy or little girl!

Dr. Silverman, This is the happiest day of my life because we just found out that I’m going to have a girl. Yay!!! Thank you for offering Gender Selection.

Dear Dr. Silverman, Thank you for your patience with me throughout our Gender Selection process over the 4 months that it took me to conceive- We just found out that we are having a boy. Phil and I cannot thank you enough.

Dear Dr. Silverman, You are G-d’s messenger on earth. With your help, G-d has blessed us with a son because of your GSMART Method of sex selection. G-d bless you!

Dear Dr. S, You are remarkable, because you do remarkable work, and you have a remarkable heart! IVF/PGD wasn’t as bad as I heard it was. It was worth going through to have Kevin. Since you perform Gender Selection in NY we have recommended you to our very dear friends who live in NJ. Knowing, that you will help them have a boy as well.

Merry Christmas Dr. Silverman, Here is a picture of our little princess with her brothers. Her brothers are crazy about her.

Hey Doc, You won’t believe this! We’re having twins – boys! We would been happy with just one boy. Now we’re done. Two girls, two boys. Doesn’t get better than that, eh?