Top 7 Myths Surrounding Gender Selection

Change is often difficult for us. It takes time to get used to something new. But in order to grow and evolve it is crucial to give the new a chance and understand it before deciding whether or not it makes sense.

Gender selection is still relatively new, and it has therefore been challenging for many people to come to terms with the idea that parents are able to choose the gender of their baby. But just because it is new does not mean that it is wrong. On the contrary, once you get to understand how gender selection works and its benefits, you will see how lifechanging it can be for so many couples and how it can have a positive impact on the world we live in.

Here are a few of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding gender selection:

-It is inherently bad for the female gender since couples will opt to have a boy.

Like I’ve said before, more couples come to see me wanting a baby girl than a boy, and other doctors have said the same. Especially in the Western World, perception simply is not the reality.

-There isn’t a lot of demand for the procedure.

Hundreds of couples travel to America every year for the procedure, and this number is continuously rising as awareness spreads. I’ve had patients from all over the world including Canada, Russia, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

-The process may be unsafe for the baby.

This is entirely false. My many patients can vouch that this is simply untrue and the scientific community worldwide, agrees. Professor Stephen Wilkinson, a professor of bioethics at Lancaster University, explains that there is no evidence that using IVF/PGD will harm the babies.

-Parents only use it for selfish reasons.

Many use gender selection when they know they carry genetic diseases that affect one gender over another, in order to prevent a genetically linked disease. Some use gender selection to create family balance, i.e., when a couple already has multiple sons and desires to have a daughter. Others rely upon gender selection for family rebuilding. An example would be, where a couple’s son or daughter dies and it wishes to make their family whole again by having another child of the same sex.

-Parents should feel ashamed for wanting a child of one gender over another.

There is nothing wrong with those who dream about having a baby girl and/or a baby boy, particularly when they have already had one or more children of the opposite sex. Now that it is possible for them to make their dream a reality, they should not feel guilty for carrying out their dreams.  In fact, mothers who desire a child of a specific sex but are unable to fulfill their wishes often suffer emotionally. One such website that has a forum for couples interested in gender selection, Ingender.com, reported receiving “more than 10,000 British emails a year” from women expressing their “sadness,” “guilt,” and “desperation” due to their inability to choose the sex of their child.

-Gender selection is a slippery slope that can lead to designer babies where you can choose eye color and hair color.

Refer to the last two answers; parents have real reasons for choosing the gender of their baby that go beyond personal preference. A parent should have the option to choose to have a baby girl if they know that they carry a disease found in males. This is entirely different than wanting a baby with blue eyes.

-The procedure is unaffordable for the average family.

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