Unique Approach to Gender Selection

Over the past several years we have been working very hard on a unique approach to gender selection.  We have selected sperm for the desired sex using The Ericsson Method of sperm separation prior to fertilization of eggs obtained via an IVF protocol.  The advantage of this combined procedure is to increase the yield of embryos of the desired sex prior to transfer. Once fertilization occurrs the embryos are screened via PGD for the normal chromosome complement as well as the sex chromosomes.  In those couples who carry a transmissible chromosome abnormality, one of the cells of the growing embryos is also screened with a genetic probe for the specific defect.  By using this procedure the couple can be reassured if they conceive the child will be normal.  The procedure is demanding for both the couple, and dedicated team.  It requires an effort on the part of physicians, nurses and laboratory personal.  In the short span of several years we have 6 pregnancies that have delivered the child of the gender that they have always desired.  Currently we are completing a statistical analysis prior to submitting the paper for publication.  We anticipate that this combined technique is revolutionary in it’s approach to gender selection.