Why Dr. Silverman?

GSMART, The Most Non invasive and Safest Method of Gender Selection

dr silverman for websiteFertilization occurs when a single sperm penetrates the egg. The child will be a boy if the sperm fertilizing the egg carries a Y chromosome, and the child will be a girl if the sperm fertilizing the egg carries an X chromosome. Males produce sperm consisting of equal numbers of X and Y chromosomes. In the world’s population, the ratio of males born to females born is 51% to 49%. These statistics have been fairly consistent in many studies reported throughout the world.

In the mid 70’s, Dr. Ronald Ericsson developed a new sperm separation technique. which he called The Ericsson Method. The Ericsson Method increases the chances of having a child of the chosen sex to 73% for males, and 75% for females. This translates to an increase by 40% of having a child of the chosen sex by using The Ericsson Method. There have been many publications in medical journals confirming these results.

I have developed GSMART, a proprietary method of gender selection. GSMART consists of four procedures. 1.Monitoring of Ovulation to know exactly when to perform the procedure. 2.The Ericsson Method for sperm separation. 3.Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation (TEAS) to increase the pregnancy rate after insemination. 4. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), which transfers the sperm directly into the uterus.

I have also developed The Silverman Method. This technique combines and leverages the unique benefits of GSMART with IVF and PGD.  The Silverman Method increases the success rate of having a child of the chosen gender to 99.9%.

Personalized Care

dr silverman with baby“I pride myself in providing personalized care. I steadfastly remain a solo practitioner. This assures that each patient receives a truly personal level of care from me, on every visit and during every step of their gender selection process.”

Today, gender selection is offered in large group practices. As a result, the quality of care is diminished because patients often see multiple doctors, physician assistants or nurse practitioners. These providers are simply unable to offer their patients the individualized attention that they deserve. My patients who have failed attempts to do gender selection at these clinics, complained to me that they never saw the same health care provider twice. These patients felt that there was no proper management of their case.

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